Beginning a way Blog: Selecting a way Blog Niche or Sub-Genre

Fashion blogging is definitely an overwhelming field to get began. I suggest picking out a niche subject that will help you define the direction of the blog. For example, rather of a website on products, think about a focused subject for example funky rings, or designer shades. Pick something you are enthusiastic about. You need to love the topic otherwise you’ll exhaust inspiration.

Tip:There are millions of fashion blogs already around, try not to get frustrated. A great way is to make a blog out of your perspective-your blog that solve these questions . create. The finest blogs possess a strong voice and different content. Make certain you place your spin around the subject you select. This makes your site stick out in the others, as well as drive increased traffic to your website.

If you do not know how to consider your fashion blog, here are a few groups to think about:

Street Fashion

This can be a really awesome method of documenting and discussing the local fashion scene with the world. Street fashion bloggers have become more influential as high-finish designers use the roads as an origin of runway inspiration.

Celebrity Fashion

Should you follow superstar culture and love watching award shows to determine what individuals are putting on, possibly celebrity fashion blogging is perfect for you. The positive side of beginning a high profile fashion blog is the fact that there’s lots of material to utilize-an entire industry dedicated to photos of celebs. However this marketplace is saturated, so you need to be sure your site is exclusive to obtain observed.

High-Finish Fashion

If you wish to make use of your blog like a platform for beginning a job within the fashion industry (fashion publishing, particularly) you may want your articles to become centered on high-finish designers and labels. Celebrate the skill of Oscar en Renta, Alexander McQueen and Karl Lagerfeld with posts about periodic runway shows.


There are plenty of sub-genres with this category. Pick something really interact with. Investigate the web for accessories which are unique and share them using your posts. Possibly you can make use of a partner and have a more conversational approach so that your blog is much more about two buddies conversing about awesome finds.


As with the accessories category, there are numerous pathways to consider footwear blog. Again, pick what matches your needs. If you’re a master shoe shopper and know best wishes places to purchase footwear online, share by using the planet.

Shopping/Style Guide

Love putting looks together? Share your projects in your blog. This is often fun and creatively fulfilling. Polyvore is a superb resource suited to a shopping or style guide blog.


The survival from the fashion industry depends upon its fast-paced cycles. Begin a fashion blog concerning the trends- popular trends at this time and just what is going to be hot later on. Maybe you’ll need a nostalgic blog regarding your favourite trends in the past. Scrunchies anybody?

Fashion on a tight budget

There are lots of blogs already dedicated to fashion on a tight budget and they’re ideal for targeting a youthful and frugal audience. Producing the information will most likely require lots of digging the net for excellent deals and different finds, so be ready to do your homework.

Personal Style

You may want a power outlet to convey your individual style. Begin a fashion blog concerning the masterdom of methods you dress, share photos, and publish products of desire.

Night Existence Style

You can approach this category with significance or irreverence –think dedicated to the cast of Jersey Shore. Whether you are a hardcore clubber who parties every weekend and therefore are always searching for that perfect body-hugging top, skirt, dress….or you need to possess a laugh at a few of the ridiculously skanky club attire, this may be an enjoyable subject for you personally.

Vintage Fashion

Choose a decade, enjoy yourself by using it! Have some awesome old pictures, clips from movies, movie posters, etc. Showcase and celebrate the awesome of vintage fashion.

Alternative, Goth, Scene, etc.

Your blog is a terrific way to showcase alternative fashion. For those who have unique understanding of a particular social scene, share what you believe is excellent about this. Alternative fashion blogs may also promote a powerful network, that will bring readers back to your website regularly.


If you’re a designer I believe your blog is advisable. You’re able to publish images of your projects, it may behave as a portfolio site, and you may share your encounters along with other designers.

Fashion Advice

In case your buddies come your way for suggestions on which to put on, consider just as one online fashion authority and begin your personal fashion advice blog. Write posts that provide tips about how to dress (ex. How you can dress for income interview) and react to fashion questions out of your readers.

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